Tuesday 8 January 2013

Quiet day


Sometimes in life you have very quiet days, if you are trying to post a bit each day then you have to find something creative to say, well the truth is that I've had a dead quiet day.

I got up, went to work, came home for lunch (soup), back to work. Now home again!!

I've had a nice soak in the bath, taken some boob pics for a forum I'm on, dried my hair n waiting for dinner to cook.

Not had a chance to read, tweet etc... Just siting here now writing this post.

What am I doing tonight, well going to watch an episode of Haven, or Twin Peaks. Try to get into a book at some point.

Oh, diet well I've had a few good days this week first week back on the diet after a xmas and the odd bad day. Only used 6WW ProPoints for lunch, and that's it. Homemade fish n chips will be 13/14 points so only 19/20 used for the day, so think I can cheat and have a pudding as well. But, hey we shall see.

So this is my not very exciting life!! I would love to come up with something more exciting, but hey that's life!!

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