Tuesday 17 May 2016

Plodding along

well.. How is my running going...

The answer is badly. I plodded around London Marathon, and Milton Keynes 8 days later.

I've torn the cartilage in my left knee and just plod along with it so everything is very, very slow but I keep on plodding. I need to get a lot more long runs in. But, hey that's life.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Running so far in 2016

So how has 2016 gone so far.

Well bearing in mind the adage that you should never compare yourself to other runners, as the only person I'm running for or against is myself, I am pretty happy so far.

January 127 Miles
February 138.5 Miles

That's not a bad start to the year.  It's all very flat and very, very slow mileage running to a low heart rate as per MAF base training but it's going ok.

I might not be fast but at least at least speed i can keep running through little niggles and annoyances.

Still looking forward to April / May with:-

London Marathon
Milton Keynes Marathon
Hardcastle 24

All three events are within a two week window!! EEEEEEK.

I'm doing this to raise money for Guide Dogs, to hopefully help out a lot of people.

Guide Dogs Charity Link

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Milton Keynes Marathon 2016

Well how is my training going I hear you ask :)

Ok, I don't really hear anything..... The voices aren't really there saying run more!!

So it's however many weeks until the early May bank holiday. My last long training run 8 days before the marathon is The London Marathon :)

How has my training been this year? Well... I had a cold so didn't run over the new year started on about the 4th of Jan, and for the first three weeks this year I managed just over 50km each week. I've done a bit more now and am over 169km for the month. I'm hoping to get over 192km for the month, which is 120 miles. That is actually more than any month in 2015 thanks to my crappy knee. Which whilst it still isn't perfect it's good enough. I need to rest it for a day after long runs, but can do 2 or 3 5 or so miles days in a row without needing to rest it.

My mediate cruciate ligament is what I think is buggered, spent a lot of physio to no avail last year, have an appointment at the Doctors soon, to see if he can refer me to someone else,to take a look at it.

So hopefully a good year of plodding ahead.