Sunday 6 January 2013

Boobs!! n stuff


Six and a bit weeks since I had my breast augmentation ("boob job"). To be precise I had 340cc CUI Implants put in under the first layer of chest muscles.

I was in a bit more pain / discomfort then I wanted for the first 18-21 days, but after that I have been fine.

So I'm very happy with the results, when I said about it most people were assuming they would look huge, but that wasn't what I wanted. I just wanted to look 'average' rather then being very self conscious about feeling flat.

I know people say why have it done, but it's simple I just feel so much more feminine. Yes, it's stupid that having boobs make any difference to me, but it does. I just have bags more confidence, I can go in a changing room and not feel embarrassed in front of everyone else. It has nothing to do with wanting to look good for a partner or any rubbish like that it's all about me.

What do they look like :-) ahh the million dollar question, the answer is bloody brilliant ;) I've gone from 36AA/A and living permanently in very padded bras To a comfortable 36D. Not to large so they don't really get in the way when running. I have spent a fortune on lots of bras which is a bit daft as they do still to seem to be changing size slightly but we will just have to wait and see what they look like. It's funny when you have them done you want them to look perfect from day 1, but that doesn't happen and frankly it can take six months or longer for them to settle down. Especially if you have the implants below the muscle, as you are waiting for the muscles to fully relax so that the implants move around a bit , relax and settle into their final position. Like most people i have one (my left) which has relaxed and dropped more into it's final position compared to my right boob which is still a bit sticky out and proud.

The first of the two pictures below shows my left scar at six weeks and the second is as you can see me in a bra, yes I am completely over the moon with excitement at the results and I think they will only get better when they settle down.

I forgot to mention where I had it done. It was done privately but to save costs it was done as a day patient in a NHS Hospital, so not the luxury some patients have, and I have a shorter aftercare program, but as at least one company accidentally made themselves bankrupt rather than having to pay for aftercare I just decided to go for it this way, everything went perfectly. The company I went through were and my surgeon was Mr Walid Samra who was fantastic.

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