Wednesday 2 January 2013

Diet, Life, etc...


Before Xmas I had just managed to squeeze down to below 10 stone. Now i'm back up at just below 10st 6lbs. Which is my target weight for when i joined WeightWatchers on 21st March. So i'm still below my target weight, ideally I do want to be 9st x, as opposed to 10st x, but hey i've had a rather indulgent Xmas and i'm still hovering just below my original target weight.

It is weird because so many people have said going by your BMI is not very accurate but it is a good general figure to aim for and at 10st 1lb. I hit the top of my correct BMI Range, now people at work are telling me today I don't need to loose any weight, but technically i'm 4.5lbs overweight, and ideally you should be half way down your healthy range so that would be around 9 stone, which is daft. I don't know how I can be so heavy and yet bordering on people saying i've lost to much weight!! It's daft. I cannot decide if there is such a thing as big boned, or if it's just what you get used to from a person / expect them to look, I was 15st 8lbs in March and I looked large and yet talking about it people said they didn't think I was anywhere near that heavy. So... the conclusion to this rambling, errr umm errr, there isn't any real conclusion. Just to say I think I need to loose a bit and at least get down to within my healthy BMI Range. i might have a dream target of about 9st 7 but who knows that might be a bit to skinny.

Did I start reading my first book of the year last night? No I failed I stayed up watching the last of Series 1 of Criminal Minds, and the first episode from the 2nd Series as it was a cliff hanger.

I have loads of TV Series that I still want to watch on DVD. My OH loves Haven and we are part way through series 2 and have series 3 recording on Sky HD I think there are only two episodes to go so we have over 1 and a half series of them to watch. At Christmas I found buy one get one half price on boxsets at HMV so I purchased the complete Husstle Box Set, and the complete Twin Peaks.  So I have those to watch through at some point as well. Along with 3 more Doctor Who Stories that were going cheapish on Amazon at £7 each. The Doctor Who stories are all 3rd Doctor Adventures, including one that was aired over the time period that includes when I was born.

So plans, sometime this week start reading a book!! Jog a bit more this week. Possibly stick in a sneaky little 5k tonight after work, except my trainers might still be soaked from yesterday. So they might need another day to dry out. This is another reason I got myself a second pair, this way I can use one pair whilst the others are drying out. I'm a fan of Asics 2170 trainers as i've run a few hundred miles on them now around 300 if not more and the only issue i have is black toe nails, and that is a bit daft as I wear two sizes bigger than in other shoes, and I have tons of room at the end in fact I occasionally fall over because i've got so much room in them!! I am a big fan of lots of padding in my trainers, if we were meant to run in a barefoot style with no padding we would be doing it on soft grass fields, not tarmac roads, that destroy your joints if you aren't careful.

I have my weigh in online for Weight Watchers every Wednesday morning. So, if I do manage to keep up blogging on each day, then I'm thinking that Wednesday will be a very short and probably rather vain sounding post about my diet over the previous week.

It might be fun to try to do some themes for other days, but I know that Wednesday is the day I think about diet etc... so that makes sense.

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