Tuesday 1 January 2013



It's the 1st of January 2013.

So last year I read a few less books then I wanted only around 70. Reviewed hardly any!! ;( which was a bit of a failure, and barely wrote a creative word.

But, I did loose 5.5 stone and run a marathon. Oh and yes I got a boob job in November!! Hurrah I has boobs!!

This year; loose a bit more weight maybe down to between 9st 7lbs and 9st 11lbs. Run at least one more marathon. Read at least 52 books (would like 76), write some reviews, Study IT more and get at least one certificate showing I've learnt something in the year. Start to do some creative writing. Yes, it's a lot. The creative writing is the thing that will be sacrificed first I know ;(

Well I have started with the running 8.34 km in exactly 1 hour. So that pace would be a few seconds under 5h for a marathon if I could keep it going. The first half was through a mud bath, which at times was deeper then my trainers, so I was quite content to get that far in 1 hour.

I hope to start my first book in bed tonight. We shall see might just sleep as back to work tomorrow.

Anyway I'm busy watching the proper Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray, ohhh they put it right... Han shot first!!

So try to see you tomorrow. Lets see i how long I can keep up with daily posts no matter how short some of them are.

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