Tuesday 15 February 2011

Valentines Day

Well Valentines evening was fun.  Not the actual day, that was work as normal but I / we have a very nice evening afterwards.

The evening involved a couple of cute, and very fluffy movies surrounded by food. We started with raw oysters and half of a Chorizo Fougasse bread. Followed by watching Love Actually. Then main course, Steak, chips, asparagus, and cheesy cooked oysters. Followed by Notting Hill, and last but not least were strawberries covered in melted chocolate, with meringues and ice cream.

Books, well I must admit to curling up on the sofa when not eating in the evening and not touching a page of a book.  I did put some books on my new bookshelf at lunchtime when I dashed home from work.

 OK. I would have added photographs, except for the fact that when I click on the images link on the bar above it comes up with an error page not found!!  I really should sort out a flickr account and just link to the images on there.

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