Sunday 13 February 2011

Another Bookshelf plus Doctor Who confession.

Well we now have yet another Ikea Billy bookshelf.

I've just about run out of space to put bookshelves but we have managed to squeeze another one in. So, downstairs we have 4 x 80cm bookshelves, each with six shelves full of hardbacks. In the spare room upstairs there are now 5 x 80cm and 1 x 40cm bookshelves. At least half of the Bookshelves upstairs have had 4 or 5 extra shelves put into them to put in extra paperbacks, so finally I have room for all my books.

I have also spent a lot of time this weekend listening to the audiobook of Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds read by John Lee. A good book, one of my favourites, so listening to it has been good fun.

EDIT: My mistake, one of the bookshelves downstairs does not have hardbacks on. It's got my Doctor Who collection on it, virtually every story on audio cd's, video's, laser discs, DVD's and Blu-Ray. As well as all the BBC EDA and PDa books, no room for my target books, or the few Virgin books I have.

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