Wednesday 2 February 2011

2nd February

Read a few more books.

I quite enjoy flicking through a few Crime novels.  I'm currently going through Jo Nesbo's books.  I've read three so far and am enjoying them.  Slightly longer than I expected, but still good fun.  They are not earth shattering, but they are a fun read.

I seem to have rather a lot of books on my list of books to read at the moment.  Which is good, but also means I seem to end up ignoring my better half and my dog to much, as i'm buried in a book.

Maybe I should just stop working then I would have enough time to read... I guess one of the troubles with this plan is that i would end up loosing my house, so if I had to carry all 2000 books around with me that would be awkward, oh, and I would have fun trying to find places to charge my kindle.

Talking about Kindles' I still love mine.  I've got about 30 books on it now, not a lot, but as only one of them was below £1 and a couple were about £10 it's not to bad.  I think I must be paying around £4 for an eBook.  I still find it frustrating that you can buy a new hardback book for less than the cost of buying it on Kindle it just does not seem sensible to me.

Hardback books i've got to read.  The second Mark Charan Newton book, the latest Tad williams, and Heroes by Joe Abercrombie.  It's a tight run contest between reading the Joe Abercrombie book and the Mark Charan Newton book next.  I'm also part way through reading The Snowman on my kindle from Jo Nesbo.

Of course, how could I forget I also have Darkest Hour the second Age of Misrule book by Mark Chadbourn to review. I'm getting that on my kindle. So that will be fun to read as well... Jo Nesbo might have to wait for a while before I finish Snowman.

Well onwards and upwards.  See what life has to come, etc...

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