Sunday 5 October 2014


Whilst I am actually in the right mood and doing some posts, I have been asked what trainers I wear.
It's not a very exciting question.

For roads and dry summery trails I wear  Asics Gel-Nimbus 16
For long trail and road in good conditions I sometimes wear Hoka Stinson Trail
For muddy and rough off road conditions I wear Salomon Speedcross 3

Out of the three trainers that I wear the least convincing of them are the Hoka's some swear blind by them for distance runs, but personally I struggle with them and seem to get a lot of rubbing around my big toe when wearing them. So I'm thinking of still taking them in my drop bag for my first attempt at a 100 mile race, but ensuring I have a lot of tape on my big toes before I wear them.

The Nimbus are a bit heavy and big, but they just do the job, they work, I can plod along happily in them and don't seem to pick up many injuries what more do you want :-)

The Speedcross 3 are great for tougher off road conditions and in mud. Not cheap but good.

Those that are after a cheap pair of trail shoes to chew up mud look at More Mile - Cheviot 2 these are way cheaper, and are great in mud, but personally I find them a bit uncomfy when running on a flat road, but they are so cheap they are worth a punt on as your first pair of trail shoes if you need a pair.

Well that's about it for trainers, yeah I'm crap at giving detailed explanations so I'll never get any freebies :-)

EDIT: So as I'm unlikely to buy another pair of Hokas when they fall apart if I buy another pair of padded Ultra trail what would I go for? The answer is I am not sure the three main contenders at the moment are:- Inov8 290 , New Balance Leadville 1210 , Skechers GoRun Ultra with I think the inov8 being the favourite at the moment, but this is only based on other reviews and what I've read not tried any of the 3.

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