Friday 22 May 2015

Running - what do you wear?

It's funny because I was thinking I don't really care what I wear when running, but then I had a think and realised I was telling myself a lie. I do have favourites and they change over time, and I guess depending on my mood and sometimes I think on how confident I am feeling.

OK easy ones first. 
Running Bra:   Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra. Job done :-)
Trainers:           Road/Light Trail - ASICS Gel-Nimbus. 
                         Gnarlier Trail - Salamon speedcross3 and Salomon hiking boots / shoes.
Socks:              Short Runs - karrimor dirt cheap socks.
                         Long Runs - injinji 5 toe liner socks with merino wool socks over top.
Tops:                Inov8 short and long sleeved tops.
Shorts:             Salomon Skorts or Ronhill Cargo Shorts.
Leggings:        OMM Leggings or Asics plain leggings.
Waterproofs:   Paramo, OMM, Haglofs.
Watch:             Garmin Fenix 3. (I'm a geek, I work in IT and love gadgets).
Packs:             OMM 6l waist bag, Salomon 12l s-lab, Nathan Vaporcloud 11l, Raidlight 20l, OMM 32l

Yes I have lots of other stuff lying around including Ronhill tops that I liked, until I found the inov8 ones were just a more comfortable cut, and some technical shirts from races, they are quite fun to wear in training as they bring back good memories.

So as of May 2015 this is my list of my favourite running gear. Do you have any special favourites?

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