Thursday 22 May 2014

Ultra Running

I guess I have sort of developed into the beginnings of a very slow ultra runner.

Yes I've only done one, but hey one 50 mile run is more than quite a lot of people.

I'm now 30 days away from my second Ultra.  The Wall, a 69 mile jaunt with a few yards going along the side of Hardians Wall.

I've somehow, ok I now how!! Signed up for The Ridgeway Challenge 86 miles in August, Ladybower 50 mile, and Loch Ness marathon in September, The Winter100 in October, my first 100 miler, i'm crapping myself with nerves already.

Then in January my biggest challenge to date, and possibly my biggest challenge ever.  The Spine Challenger even the first 108 miles of the Pennine Way in January... It's going to be a little bit of a challenge.

Training, well i always feel that i've never done enough.  In 2012 I lost 6 stone, and started running for the first time since school.  Now i've run a total of around 1850/1900 miles.  I've done 580 or so miles so far this year.

I'm not very quick and seem to be getting slower that's because i'm upping my total milage so I hope that after a few months of this a bit of speed, not a lot but a little bit will creep back in when i'm more used to running the distance.

Well we shall see.

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