Saturday 4 January 2014

Hello 2014

Well I got a little carried away with this running lark.
I completed 1 marathon in 2012, 2 marathons and 1 50 mile ultra in 2013.
For 2014 so far I have signed up for 3 marathons ( Milton Keynes, Loch Ness and Snowdonia) and 3 Ultra marathons (The Wall 69 Miles, The Ridgeway Challenge 86 Miles, and LadyBower 50 Miles).

I've also had a fun Xmas holiday reading 7 Agatha Christie Poirot novels.

So reading, and running are pretty much my plans up to the end of October. What are you up to?

Steph x

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  1. It sounds like you are my twin????? I started running before I started reading. Running seriously in 1995 having got jacked off with footy. Didn't start reading till I was 40 on holiday I think in 2001. Running is my addiction. I don't know what I'd do if the doc was to say I couldn't run for whatever reason. Wifey always says I am more irritable when injured. Reading I like detectives and scifi. I have read a lot of James Patterson and a bit of Stephen King. Strangely I have just decided to read Harry Potter and am a couple of day into the 1st one goblets of fire (I'm a slow reader). Generally only read at bedtime or on holiday sat in the sun. Have runa few marathons and tend to be better the further I go but haven'y plucked up the courage to do an ultra so RESPECT to you. Regards, Mick Brearley (Brian61 on RW).