Monday 28 May 2012

Marathon training and stuff

Hi. Ok, so I started the diet on 21st March, it's now the 28th of may, I'm officially 27 lbs lighter, my next weigh in is not until Wednesday, but I've already lost 2lbs this week. So the first 10 weeks of my diet will lead to a 29 or 30 lbs loss. I'm over the moon with that and it's twice the rate I wanted to loose at and was told that was a lot. So around another 40lbs to go. Training. I did it on the first of May I started jogging. I'm 40 fat, and not athletic, well the first time out it killed me. Set my asthma off and I felt awful :-) this was jogging 50 yards walking 200 etc.. To complete a mere 1k. My legs have been aching most of the time since but in a good way. Last Friday the 25th of May I jogged 3km. On Saturday I hiked 10k through some Derbyshire Hills, Sunday morning I went out for a Jog 4k, and warmed down with a 1k walk. Then in the evening I took the dog out for a 5k walk. So 23k in total over the weekend. I could not have imagined that just a month ago. To give you some idea of the training plan I'm on in the next five weeks the minimum I need to do beginning with this week is 11, 13, 17, 19, 22. The last of these 1st of July is a 10k jog. This is the end of my Pre-conditioning phase, then I'm spending until the 5th of August getting faster, allegedly ;). August is spent increasing my distances, for example the week beginning the 20th of August is 41k including a 24k run on a day I'm working so cannot do it until the evening. September is about going at the speed I want to complete the marathon in. Am I nervous, yes of course it's bloody hard work, my legs feel like jelly at times, but I am loving it. I have bags more energy then before I started, and I feel bloody wonderful. Just imagine if I load a rucksake with about 14 bags of sugar and carried it on my back I would not be happy, that's how much I've lost. How have I done this, well it's simple the weightwatchers app and forum, they help me stay on the straight and narrow. But, in truth it's down to me knowing I've let myself down over the last 10-15 years and the least I can do is spend this year looking after myself and changing my life. It's called willpower :-)


  1. Hi.

    I'm going to try to keep this as a diary of my fitness, so tonight 4 km walked this evening.

  2. Just came across this post, 3 weeks ago I ran a 50m Ultra, 2 weeks ago I ran a marathon. In just over a weeks time i'm running my first ever 100mile race, with a 30 hour time limit. I guess you can say it worked and I did keep on plodding along :)