Well, this was a hard week.

I was 41, in the middle of the week, and I spent 3 days in Scotland celebrating it.

I've not had any alcohol in the first 5 weeks of my diet, and in this my 6th week I somehow only had 1 pint of bitter, and 3 whiskys whilst celebrating my birthday.

I did use all of my weeklies on treats and 1 Activity point. I was in all honesty expecting to gain wait but somehow lost another 2 lbs.

So I have lost 21 lbs in 6 weeks now.

Today I earned 7 Activity points. I jogged / staggered around just under 2km for my first ever attempt at Jogging for 25 or so years. I also walked my dog for an hour.

So today was day 1 of marathon training. I just signed up for one last week as I know that if I don't have a target I just will not be bothered to train. Training just for the sake of it I cannot do. So finding a marathon and signing up meant I have no choice I have to get fitter to do it.

I started at 218 lbs. I am now 197 lbs. Under my bust has shrunk by 10cm, my waist has shrunk by 7.5 cm. The rest has hardly changed I still have huge fat thighs and big flabby upper arms. It's typical i'm fat and flat chested and that's stayed the same, getting flatter by the day, oh well!! Being healthy is better :)

I am still a size 20, but now i'm Size 20 all over at the beginning of this I was 22 in most skirts, 20 in some, and a 22/24 top. But now i'm a 20 all over, and close to being down to an 18 in skirts, which will be a big psychological thing for me.

Regarding my stupidity at signing up to do a marathon. I am running it on the 14th of October for Myasthenia Gravis. I have no idea how I will get round the 26.2 miles, as they seem to stop tracking after 6 hours. So I know that's my maximum time, but I will do it. The fact I have an end target is so encouraging. I have created a training program on asics.co.uk and hope that I can stick to it. It's 3 runs a week of various lengths, i'll try to do some extra training in-between and will just have to go for it. I've even created a just giving website. http://www.justgiving.com/Stephanie-Gelder Closer to the time i'll start hassling everyone in the world to donate :) 

So that's this week. Getting skinnier and starting to try and get fit. If from week 1 I lost 1.5 lbs a week I would reach my target in march next year. If I stay where I am which is 12 lbs (8 weeks of 1.5 lbs per week ahead) then I will get to my target on 26th of December. So If I get 3 lbs more ahead then i'll be at target 12th of December. Now of course this doesn't take into account any bad weeks etc.... but hey I am just being optimistic and thinking good.

So i'm feeling good, and starting to get fit. What more can one ask for :)