Wednesday 3 August 2011

The Joy of Books

I am sure a lot of people will put this better than I can, but isn't it fantastic when you find a new author who's books you instantly become addicted to.

This year it's happened to me for the first time in a while.  Mark Charan Newton is the author.  I picked up his first couple of books at the beginning of this year, and it is such a good series.  I have reviewed the 2nd and 3rd book of the series, Legends of the Red Sun. Follow the links on the right if you want to read them. 

This series has helped me to read and review more books this year.  I was getting a bit lazy reading the latest from the same old x author, and I stopped hunting around for new authors. I pretty much lost my passion for books. Now I feel re-energised and I have spent a lot more on books this year, and I have even gone to to some book events run by alt-fiction

So even though he will never find my tiny ikkle blog with 1 follower, thank you Mark for reigniting my passion for books.

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