Thursday 9 February 2012

Satchel Heaven


For years I have carried my laptop in a dull rucksack.  I've recently been looking online for something better.  I'm 40 now I didn't want a stupid plasticy bag that looks great and then falls apart, or something tacky. I wanted something that oozed quality, and would last the test of time. 

Oh WOW.  I now find myself in bag heaven.  Thanks to  they are also on twitter as @leathersatchel ead about their leather satchels handmade in England, and it just sounded perfect.

I wanted a custom bag, so I had a carry handle as well as the long strap.  My initials embossed in silver on the bag, an extra wide shoulder strap.  I actually asked for the invoice a week ago.  Paid via paypal, and received it today.  I am so happy with it.

I went for a rather wild colour, as I try to be sensible at times, but that only lasts for a few minutes, so I had to have a cute bag, yes they come in black and brown, in fact lots of colours, you can even have a multi colour one made if you really want :) 

Anyway here is my bag in all it's glory, and believe me it is glorious.  Oh in case you ask.  No this is not an advert with all the custom bits I paid £119.50 for my bag, and the reason I am doing this post is the fact that I am so proud of this British company I wanted to give them a shout out.

The package that arrived was in an anonymous couriers bag, once I opened this I was in for a real surprise.

That got me very excited.  So I opened the package, and here is my bag! Stunning.

It arrived whilst I was at lunch, so after work I came home and put my laptop in it, so this is the bag in all it's glory, with my laptop. 

I am so proud of my bag.  I cannot wait to walk into work with it tomorrow.



  1. How cool is this!

    Though I remember having an orthodox brown leather one when I went to school. Over 50 years ago. Interesting how great designs never disappear.

  2. That is what drew my attention in the first place, the fact that the designs are so old, with the splash of modern colour.

    I'm old fashioned at heart, I want to be surrounded by bookshelves and old sofas. It just felt right buying an old bag with a slight modern twist.