Friday 2 September 2011


I am very excited as tomorrow I become mum to 4 ex-battery hens.
My partner and I have been working hard to build a Coop and run for
them. When we are around we are hoping they will just be able to
wander around the rest of the garden. I am slightly nervous, as well
as very excited. Hope I treat them well. In return for a few eggs
they will hopefully have a nice life.

This is my Coop.

We are starting with 4 and seeing how many eggs they lay, and
also how much they cost to feed etc... but we might end up with upto
8 or so. If so, then we will have to start giving some eggs away :) I should do
a competition on this website to get a couple of free range eggs.


  1. Love the coop. Very professionally done. Those chickens will be happier with you roaming about. Can we call you Mother Hen now!? ;-) x

  2. Yes, you can call me mother hen :)

    Oh dear.......