Monday 13 December 2010



Ok, well what have I been doing, not a lot there is some stuff I cannot talk about that makes things awkward!! oh well that's life just have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, onto some more interesting things.  I got myself a Kindle.  I won £75 playing poker and sold some books so actually it wasn't a big expense which was nice.

I've found it slightly hard to get used to it but now a couple of books later i'm just reading again using it and it's just like a book.  My biggest issue with it is that it's so thin I find it slightly uncomfortable.  Come pay day I think i'm going to invest in a decent cover for it. as well as keeping it safe it will bulk it out.

I've got a great storage cover at the moment my better half made a cardboard book cover filled with bubble wrap and with some pretty wrapping paper around the outside so it's like a posh book cover it's very nice. I put the book in this and just put it in a A5 plastic wallet.  So kept nice n snug and safe.

Published a second review at will put that up as a separate post.

Written at home uploaded at work at lunch, just because it's easier than uploading it from iPhone :)

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